Saturday, November 2, 2013

Time4Learning: Online Educational Program

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I received a trial subscription of Time4Learning. I was compensated for time invested. All opinions expressed are honest and I was not required to write a positive review.

As of late, I have been looking for a program to help supplement our school subjects and decided to try out Time4Learning for a month. I have heard about this online program from many other homeschool blogs and it sounded like a good fit. 

What is Time4Learning: 

  • Online educational curriculum
  • Can be used as alternative to tutoring
  • Can be used for homeschools, after school programs and summer school
  • Can be used with preschool to 8th grade
  • Correlates with state standards
I was super excited to try this out especially with Little Bits, she is only three but loves the computer. She watches her brother play on it all the time. 

Before my children were able to use the program I had to set up an account for each of them. I liked the freedom of setting up an account because I was able to place my son in different grade levels for different subjects. This is a plus because my son, like many homeschooled children, is advanced in certain subjects and at grade level in others. Setting up an account was relatively easy, as a side note, it took a couple of days for the accounts to be created. 

Little Bits enjoyed the program. Of course, I had to help her log in and use the program. I loved how the graphics were very colorful and engaging. Topics such as, shapes, colors and rhyming were covered in the preschool portion. 

This program was a great supplement for Lightning and he also enjoyed it. He did lessons for language arts and math, then took quizzes. I liked the fact that after a quiz it was required that my son showed me his results. I also enjoyed the supplemental worksheets offered.  Lightning's favorite part was the moment he was able to play his first game in the playground. The playground is an area in the program that your child is allowed to play a variety of games for a set portion of time.  

Overall, we were overjoyed with the program and for a low monthly cost it is definitely worth it. If you would like more information visit the Time4Learning website.