Friday, August 30, 2013

Our First Week Of School

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Well, today marked the end of the first week of school. After all the distractions caused by these two:


Things settled down a bit and we started getting into a routine. I told the kids they could play with the puppies before school as long as their chores were done, breakfast was eaten and it was before 8. They have started waking up at 6:30. 

We have been spending the first hour of our day in Bible study. Which includes a journal entry for my son and a craft for both of them.  Here is one of our crafts for Jonah and the Whale.

The pattern and instructions for this craft can be found at Danielle's Place. My inspiration was from The Preschool Experiment . She has some amazing ideas. 

As things settled down yesterday brought THIS ....

We did not get flooded but under all that water is my neighbors yard and a number of trash cans. It brought much excitement in the house and a great opportunity to talk about weather and God being in control of all things.

All week the subject that was one of the least favorites was Apologia Astronomy. We have never used Apologia and I was beginning to think that it was not a good fit but then the Jr. Notebook arrived in the mail today. Lightning's eyes lit up as he opened the package. When I heard, "This is mine! It's really cool!".

He literally was ecstatic about doing astronomy today. He even went on to say that some day he wants to work for the NASA, as an engineer of course, so he can build cool robots.  

How is your week going?


  1. Love that you turned the storm into a teachable moment!! :)
    (Found you on #31dbc.

    1. Thank you for visiting! Yes I have to take advantage of those teachable moments.