Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Day in the Life: First Weeks of the School Year 2014-2015

School has begun whether I'd liked to admit it but it has. I can not get out of it of course because well, I am the teacher. Why? Considering my major in college was education, either way I look at it I would be in a classroom full of children once summer ended, I just chose to be with my own children. 

This year I broke down and created a schedule. In the years past I have not had a schedule I kinda just went with the flow of the day. Yes, I love structure but hate being in a time bubble which I feel like when I am on a schedule. But the schedule was needed considering my little one, now four, was starting Pre-K and I wanted to spend some time with her and start working  on getting my son to work more independently. 

So what does my day look like? Well this is how it looks as of right now it may change throughout the school year.

At 5:45 my alarm goes off, no I am not a morning person, but yes I have to get up before my children. This is hard because my son senses the sun before it even comes up and is awake usually by 6:00. At around 6, when I am semi awake, I stumble over to my desk and spend some time reading, studying my Bible and praying. This is the most vital step in my day, if for some reason this step is skipped the day is usually full of a lot of attitudes and sorry to say mines, at times, is the worst of the bunch. Seeking to abide in the Lord this year. Having His words flow through me as I teach my children, 

At 7:30 the children come out of their rooms to have breakfast. They are not picky with breakfast and so a bowl of cereal with fruit and a piece of toast is on the menu most days. After breakfast my children do their usual morning chores: brush teeth, make beds and feed the dog.

Around 8:00 we start our Bible time, this year we are going back to Grapevine Bible studies and both children are working on memorizing scripture, Little Bits is memorizing ABC verses, one letter every week and Lightning is memorizing Galatians 5. After our Bible and prayer time, I send Bits off to paint, cut and paste time. During this time she does all of the above while I work on math with Lightning. 

After math time which can last an hour, Lightning does some independent, grammar, handwriting and math work while I take Bits and work with her in another room. 

After Little Bits learns a letter, does a craft associated with that letter and we read for a good 20 minutes, I give Bits some time to watch a 30 minute educational show while I do Language Arts with Lightning. This occurs around 10:30. 

Note: I am usually against my children watching TV before school is over and limit the time, she does not do the TV show thing everyday only about twice a week. Other days, she is encouraged to play with legos or with her toys. At her age play is very important and the use of her imagination and I encourage it daily. Today she had all her toys on her brothers desk and she was creating her own scenario. This was so cute to watch and listen to the dialogues the characters where having among themselves.  

Yes I am tired now with typing and I am sure you are bored with reading. Around 12 we brake for lunch. The children go outside to play while I make lunch and take care of any other household chores. At 1: 00 Little Bits goes down for quiet time for an hour.

The day progresses the same between the both of them we usually end around 2:30 and the day is done. With acceptation of a piano lesson or practice later in the day. That is our day in a nutshell.

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