Sunday, August 21, 2011

Things that I am preparing for Kindergarten

So far I am working on a schedule for our day seeing as our school is at home it is a work in progress. I will post next week about our schedule and how it is going in more detail. So far I have made a Math journal for my son to use each day. In this journal he will be working with problem solving math problems. This allows him to make pictures and write out the process he used to solve his problem. I gathered this idea from a fellow kindergarten blogger at the teacher at this site has some awesome ideas that I am borrowing for this year.

     My son's Writing Journal
I also made my son a science journal and a writing journal that will be used during our writing workshops.The cute label for this science journal can be found at the blog referenced earlier. I also prepared a calender notebook for the year that will be used to cover a wide range of topics from the months of the year to skip counting and number recognition. If you have any questions regarding the Calender Notebook feel free to leave a comment.

Science Journal

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