Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Top Ten No No's in Our Homeschool

Let me begin by saying I love this linky party title being hosted by Sonia over at Becoming a Strong Woman of God, it reminds me of a book that my two year old daughter always wants to read called No No Yes Yes written by Leslie Partricelli. The toddler in this book is showing the no no things to do and the yes yes things to do. I love when my daughter repeats the words to me as she looks at the little boy eating out of the dog bowl she echoes "No no" and when she sees the little boy eating a banana by the dog bowl she says, "Yes yes". Sometimes Many times I repeat these words to myself during any given homeschool day. No no I say to myself, as I find myself getting frustrated because my son does not want to write for that day. Yes yes I say as I see the light bulb go on as my son masters his double addition facts.

Here is a list of the top 10 No No's in our Homeschool:
  1. Staying up all night before school is a No No!                             It really makes for a bad morning and a very grumpy mommy. I am naturally a night person and so I have to discipline myself and try to go to bed at a decent hour.  
     2. Not praying/no devotional time is a NO NO!
    I know this seems like a no brainer but I have been guilty of this especially if my kids get up before me or  I sleep in late. I try to beat my kids up, meaning my goal is to be awake before they are and walking in the  Spirit not the flesh.

     3. Staying in our PJ's all day is a No No!
      I am tempted to do this a lot but when I do I feel so lazy and sluggish and so do my kids. being in clothes just seems to make me have more energy.

    4. Running errands before school is a NO No! 
      I don't care how important the errand is it is not more important than  school. I have tried to do school after running errands and it does not work my son needs a routine. 

    5. Comparing my kids to others is a No No!
      It does not help to compare my child to my neighbors. Every child is different and learns at different pace, different ways, and is gifted in different areas. Comparing only hinders the vision that God has given you for your children and their learning.

Leave a comment below and share some of your No No's! I now have a computer so I am completely less frustrated with blogging. Blogging on bloggerwith an iPad is a very challenging task to say the very least. Thankful for the new laptop I received this past week. Things are not coming together as I planned but the Lord is taking care of everything I just have to trust in Him.   

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