Friday, December 21, 2012

Welcome Back

Merry Christmas!

I have been off my blog for a couple of months, almost 4 months to be exact. In the process of being gone I have not been idle. I have been pretty busy homeschooling, teaching at our co-op (get back to that later) and  helping out at Bible Study. In all the business, I kept telling myself that I would get to writing a post but the time never felt right. Add on to that Christmas play practice for Lightning and potty training Little Bits, my life could not be put off to post. I follow many bloggers and a lot of them confess that their lives are sometimes bombarded by blogging, trying to get the perfect picture, getting lost in the business and not living their life. I have desired to have a successful blog but not at the cost of taking away those valuable, precious, once in a lifetime moments with my family.

I am going to diligently try to post on the blog once a month. Our co-op semester is coming to an end and I am not teaching any classes that require as much prep and attention as the past one. This past semester at our co-op I had the privileged of teaching my son and his friends a class based on the Nest videos the class was called Historical Heroes. In the class the children watched a movie about a historical person and then we would do some type of craft or activity relating to the person.

Like many homeschoolers out there I am always looking for a good resource for history, usually something that is free or dirt cheap.  In the process of researching for the class I had to keep a website up for the kids to do workbooks that I had posted. The only problem was I did not have a computer nor did I want to take time to scan every workbook and upload them to the site. After searching for sometime for a solution and praying that God would make a way I came across a website that had every workbook I needed uploaded onto their server. This was truly exactly what I needed. I praised God for allowing me to find the website and  always making a way when it seemed so impossible.

The website for the activity books is Dripping Springs Community Library at this link you will find all of the workbooks and to go with the workbooks  this youtube channel has the movies. Activity books are great because they cover a wide variety of levels, beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

If you are interested in my syllabus for this class and the activities that I used for each video please leave a comment below and I will be more than happier to share with a fellow homeschooler. 


  1. I remember being obsessed over the appearance and content of my blog. Instead of doing the laundry in the evening or hanging out with my fiance, I used to sit in front of the laptop until my eyes got tired...
    Our dirty laundry piled up and all I've got was three entries to show for. Definitely learned something from that experience.

  2. That is funny! My laundry piles up just by everything else, homeschooling is a full time job :) I try to set aside a day when I do my laundry, but I know it's bad when my husbands starts doing the laundry.