Sunday, June 2, 2013

Favorite Apps in the Homeschool Room- Tot Edition

Entering into the last week of our "official" school year, YAY! I am excited to share our favorite apps of 2012-2013. Most of these apps are free and thanks to the website Smart Apps for Kids they are easy to locate. I love this website because it has the apps separated by age and subject. If you follow them on Facebook they share a good free app(s) of the day and discounted apps.

Favorite Tot Apps

1. Endless Alphabet- my new 3 year old love this app. It is updated regularly and new words are continually being added. The basic premise is a word is shown, the letters get knocked out of place by running monsters, your job is to put the letters back back in place. The neat thing about this app is when a letter is moved it makes the noise of the letter.

2. Alien Buddies-  Another favorite of my Little Bits. This app covers matching shapes, colors, letters (capital and lowercase), and numbers. This app is fun because when you play you drag little aliens into the correct spaceship. There are also puzzles and dot to dot games.

3. Toca Doctor- Any Toca app is fun and addicting! This one allows your child to be the doctor and fix any problem the patient has, from splinters to ridding teeth of plaque.

4. Little Explorers ABC Wildlife- any  Little Explorers ABC app is fun and informative! We love this app because every letter is represented by different animals like C, crocodile. This app doesn't just have pictures of the animals but also videos of the animals doing cool things.

5. Mc Graw Hill - Little Red Riding Hood- My little girl loves this app. There are two options either to read the book or have it read to you. As the book is read there are sound effects and animations.

Honorable Mention Tot app: Once Upon a Potty- This year Little Bits was potty trained and this app helped! It is available in a boy or girl version. The story is read, other options include a potty singalong song.

Thank you for joining me for the Tot edition of our favorite apps. Please come back tomorrow for our list of elementary apps. Leave a comment below and let me know what apps your little ones enjoy.

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