Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Homeschool House

Like many homeschool families we do not have a homeschool room, that being said, every year I pray and ask the Lord to give me vision of what will work for our homeschool house for the upcoming year. Most of our schooling takes place in the first room in our house the living room.

The first thing you will see as you enter our house is the bookshelf right by the front door.

Reading is very important in our house and fostering a love for it is definitely a priority. 

As  you continue to walk in our living room you will see our easel (a simple inexpensive easel from Ikea) and cork board which usually holds what we are learning for that time of the year.
We use a lot of anchor charts and do a lot of writing and math practice on the huge notepad and when my little one gets bored I take it off and let her draw on the paper with smelly markers. Those are some of her drawings. 

Right next to this area is my Little Bits preschool stuff. 
This year we are going to do what I have called Fun in a Box! The labeled buckets on her book shelf will have a fun activity in each one. They will be related to the letter we will be covering for the week. Tins were purchased at the dollar tree and the labels can be found at TPT for free they come in 6 different colors!

On the opposite side of the room Little Bits desk can be found.
She loves going to this table to draw, play with play dough, paint. Its covered in chalk paint so sometimes she will just get some chalk out and start drawing.

Next to her table is Lightning's desk.
This is where he keeps his notebooks, workbooks, and school supplies. 
Not pictured is our couch were a lot of reading takes place. 
Thank you for stopping by our little homeschool house come by and visit us again for next weeks, Not Back to School Blog Hop.
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  1. Wonderful space!! thank you so much for sharing! We have tons of books too!

  2. Thank you Michelle. We love books we have 3 more book shelves that are not pictured. My children read through all of them so quickly. When that happens I go to the local thrif store in search of more lol