Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Rough Start

Fighting the urge to pull my hair out at the present moment!!! Yes, school resumes tomorrow but of course I am not prepared, I have been down with a cold for about 3 day and tried to muster up the strength to prepare. As I am printing and planning I run into a little snag in my plan. The ink for my printer is running out. I laugh it off because of course I always try to have a spare ink cartridge in the house for such an occasion. What I did not plan for was a very curious 19 month old going through boxes (we just moved last month) and placing said ink cartridge in who knows where???? Well all I can say is maybe the next day of school will not be what I envisioned it to be but the Lord knows what He is doing. Dear Lord Jesus, I pray that you would lead me tomorrow help me not to get frustrated on all the things that so easily upset me develop patience in me towards my children, my husband, and the little snags in my plans that cause me such distress. I love you Lord and seek whole heartily to please you.  Amen 

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